You’ll find tons of good publications from the Astragal Press and the Taunton Press. I always recommend "Restoring, Tuning and Using Classic Woodworking Tools" by Mike Dunbar - it is the first book to get if you're getting interested in antique woodworking tools. Look for it on, or other web-based book sellers.

If you're comfortable getting lots of e-mail, try lurking around the Oldtools mailing list. You can browse and search all messages ever posted to the group, at the Oldtools mailing list archive.

The Oldtools list is a great resource - I have learned a lot just from reading the information that people post there and by asking specific questions. It’s also just a good “place” to hang out and get to know the great folks that frequent the place.

There are also several websites that are great reference and informational resources, including: