November 16, 2007 Meeting

The theme of our November 16 meeting was "Smalls." People like this one because you can haul everything you want to bring for show-and-tell in a small box. "Bring your anvil day" was less successful.

Here are some of the nice small tools the gang brought to share:

The usual gang was there, checking out all the tool action - plus a couple of new folks:

Don Link and Anthony Senunias agree these meeting would be better with beer and pretzels:

What the heck is in that tub? Is someone giving away free burritos? Whatever it is, these guys all want at it:

This year's Christmas ornament to benefit the club was in commemoration of Jamestown's 400th anniversary:

Then we had the annual "Donation Auction" where Rick "helps" Anthony auction off items donated by club members.

Rick tries unsuccesfully to auction off a plastic gas can:

Rick manages to auction off some RATS t-shirts:

Rick gets rid of a radio for someone's workshop: