Antique Tool Show at "The Showplace"

December 31, 2007, Mechanicsville, VA

As usual, at the annual Antique Tool Show at The Showplace in Mechanicsville, VA, there were plenty of good tools to be found for all levels of collectors and users.

Here, Don Linke stands by what looks like an array of very nice chisels, augers and various other tools:

As usual, Alan Weber had lots of tools to browse through - and people were browsing:

Here, a customer gives Alan some pointers on growing a beard:

An assortment of hammers to choose from:

As usual, there were all kinds of tools and interesting gadgets for everyone and anyone interested in old tools:

Mike Jurnigan demonstrated his chairmaking, including his big old treadle lathe, while our very own Wayne Thornton is working on his "mountain man" look in the background:

Our Illustrious Leader and RATS President For Life Rick Long works diligently at parting another customer from his money - it looks like it's working. Is he reaching for his wallet?