April 27, 2007 Meeting

Bob Self, Conservator of Architecture and Furniture at Monticello, gave a great presentation about the kind of tools used by Thomas Jefferson's workmen in building Monticello. Anthony Senunias is trying to decide whether to get the curly fries or the potato salad.

Bob answered lots of questions during and after the presentation. He was unable to explain the accumulation of plaid often associated with old tools.

Bob brought with him his collection of tools representing the inventory of tools known and suspected to be in use at Monticello in Thomas Jefferson's time.

A RATS member brought several examples of interesting tools and other artifacts made from old horseshoes. The hook in the middle was useful when Rick went on too long in his introductory speech.

Ben Dyer and Gordon Lohr doing the old Marx Brothers' mirror routine:

Another RATS member provided a pile o' wrenches to paw through:

Our intrepid leader, Rick Long, tries to strong-arm Michael Winget-Hernandez out of his hard-earned money:

A few items for a donation auction - or - our antique tool mafia. "Leave the money on the bookcase and step away from the tools!"